3 Questions to Ask When Building a “Team of CEOs”

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If you’re ready to build a team of CEOs who take ownership of their systems and who do their part to help move your practice forward, you have to train them to think like leaders – and that means asking tough questions.

Here are three questions to ask your CEOs that will make them feel like the valuable members of the team they are.

“What is it time to get rid of?”
I love this question. Things are always changing in dentistry, and to be successful, practices have to keep up. Asking this question gets team members thinking about streamlining processes and updating technology to improve practice productivity, which will help you reduce costs and increase revenues over time.

“What would you change if you were paying the bills?”
Paying attention to specific budget targets will encourage both you and your team members to closely evaluate the value of large purchases. Together, look for ways to eliminate unnecessary expenses and everyone in the practice will benefit.

“What systems are working well and how can they be improved?”
This isn’t just about what’s wrong with the practice; it’s also important to recognize what you do well. Sit down and talk with team members about the systems that perform well and what sets them apart from the ones that struggle. Work together to find ways to implement similar approaches in other areas.

To be successful, you need to continually evaluate and improve procedures – but that isn’t something you should do on your own. Empower team members to take ownership of their systems and to serve as CEOs in their respective areas. Ask questions to get their input and make sure they understand how important their contributions are to achieving practice goals. When your team members think like owners, it leads to success.