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Raise Fees and Put the Extra Revenue to Good Use

Once you put in a solid fee schedule, you’ll have more money to invest in your practice. That means you’ll finally be able to purchase the new technology or piece of equipment you’ve been eyeing. Before you write that check, make sure you actually need the technology. Then, put a plan in place to make …[Read More…]

How to Guarantee Patients Don’t Bolt When You Raise Fees

Most patients aren’t going to leave your practice when you raise your fees – unless they were thinking about leaving anyway. To help ensure they don’t use a small price bump as an excuse to find a new dental home, start focusing on really building connections with your patients. Here’s how: 1. Offer superior customer …[Read More…]

Improve Your Practice Overhead

When establishing a solid fee schedule for the services you provide or when adjusting current fees, it certainly helps to know your overhead costs are under control. Monitor these costs to ensure they’re meeting their individual benchmarks and make sure your total overhead doesn’t creep up beyond 55 percent of collections. I know, that’s easier …[Read More…]

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How to Know When to Lower Your Fees

Dentists don’t always need to adjust their fees because they’re too low. Sometimes, their fees are just too high for the community they serve—a problem that could keep dentists from growing their patient base and ultimately their bottom line. Many of you might be thinking, “I have no idea what other dentists in my community …[Read More…]

Get Hygiene Salaries Under Control

There are various factors that could hamper your hygienist’s ability to produce, but if you pay a guaranteed salary none of that matters; hygiene receives the same paycheck no matter how the department performs or how much the practice might be suffering. That’s why you should consider switching to a two-tier system that offers a …[Read More…]

Creating a Collections Policy

If you want to increase your profits, you have to improve collections – which should be at 98%. To get there, it’s time to establish a clear financial policy and then communicate that policy to both new and existing patients Not sure how to get started? Follow these tips to reduce the number of delinquent …[Read More…]

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Is it Time to Raise Your Fees?

Most dentists don’t want to talk about raising their fees. They’re afraid they’ll lose patients if they do, so they decide it’s best just to keep them where they are – which, of course, hurts their bottom line. If you want to increase practice profits, you have to raise your fees from time to time. …[Read More…]

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6 Tips to Raise Your Fees without Losing Patients

The thought of establishing a fee schedule can be overwhelming, but it’s necessary if you want to grow your profits and reduce your overhead costs. Most dentists are resistant, because they don’t want to lose patients to the cheaper dentist down the street. Fear not, doctor. Loyal patients will stay, as long as you establish …[Read More…]

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Afraid to Raise Your Fees? Focus on Customer Service

When choosing a dental home, patients have a lot to consider, including how much the practice charges for their services. And while price is important to most patients, even the most cost-conscious patients will be more likely to visit a dental practice that has higher fees if that practice offers exceptional customer service. Focusing on …[Read More…]

Tips for Collecting Payments from Patients

You have way more past due accounts than you’d like to admit. Achieving a 98% collections ratio seems like a dream, and something your practice will never achieve. While it’s true that some of these past due accounts may belong to patients who simply don’t want to pay up, making your collections process more efficient …[Read More…]