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Signs You Might Need a Dental Consultant

You’ve been thinking about hiring a dental consultant to help grow your practice, but you’re not sure if you really need one. There are definitely areas in your practice that could use some TLC, but you’re just about convinced you can make the necessary changes on your own. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot. …[Read More…]

Education Can Keep Patients Loyal To Your Practice

If you want to increase patient retention and case acceptance, you have to educate patients about the services you offer. They’re not mind readers, after all, and if you don’t talk with them about what your practice can do for their smile, they might seek out the services they want at another practice. As nice …[Read More…]

Just Purchase New Technology? It’s Time to Start Marketing

You finally invested in that new technology you’ve been eying. Maybe it was a laser, a cone beam imaging unit or a chairside CAD/CAM system. Whatever technology you purchased, you developed a plan, adhered to your budget and just completed professional training. So what happens next? Implementing new technology into your practice can be exciting, …[Read More…]

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Invest in Marketing to Improve Patient Retention

Most doctors only think about marketing when it comes to attracting new patients to their practice, but marketing is also key to keeping current patients loyal. But for it to work, you have to make it a priority. Marketing can’t just be an afterthought or a one-time campaign. You and your team members must invest …[Read More…]

Marketing Not Working? Deliver what you Promise.

You’ve finally decided to invest in marketing. You’re done with the one-time campaigns and have focused your efforts on developing consistent, continual messaging, yet you’re still not gaining any loyal patients from your efforts. Patients come in once, seem to have a positive experience, yet they never come back. It’s enough to make you want …[Read More…]

Use Educational Recall Reminders to Boost Patient Retention

Sending out generic postcards to past due patients may be the easiest, cheapest recall method, but it’s also the least effective. Educating patients while they’re in the chair and empowering a Patient Coordinator to call, text and email to schedule past due patients will often get you more results. That doesn’t mean snail mail won’t …[Read More…]

Get off your Practice Plateau and Focus on Converting Unscheduled Treatment

The unscheduled treatment report represents a treasure trove of possible income for your practice – income you’re losing every day that you’re not reaching out to these patients. The trouble is, most Patient Coordinators only turn to their unscheduled treatment report when they need to fill a hole in the schedule. They’re reactive instead of …[Read More…]

The Best ‘Social’ Marketing for Your Practice

The best “social marketing” you can do is to educate your team so that they fully understand the benefits of the dentistry you provide. If more implant dentistry is a key component of your practice vision, every staff member from the scheduling coordinator to the hygienist must be educated on the benefits of specific treatments. …[Read More…]

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What’s Old is New, but Misunderstood

Direct mail, like many marketing tools tends to be misunderstood. During the course of twelve weeks, one dentist implemented a campaign that targeted prospective patients with professionally designed direct mail pieces and saw an amazing return on her investment.

by Sally in Marketing

Go Direct and Deliver Results

While electronic communication and marketing have exploded, so too has the amount of digital garbage. Snail mail marketing is back and all the better.

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