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Why Patients Aren’t Showing Up For Appointments

For many practices, broken appointments are just a normal part of the day. Patients call at the last minute to cancel or they just don’t show up at all. This of course sends the practice into a panic as you try to fill the open spots. Sometimes you’re successful and sometimes you’re not. When you’re …[Read More…]

Plan for Broken Appointments

Nobody on your team wants to deal with last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Broken appointments send your practice into a panic, as the Scheduling Coordinator does her best to find someone to take the open slots. If she can’t, the chances of you meeting daily production goals are pretty slim. Just like you plan for practice …[Read More…]

The Benefits of Hybrid Scheduling

There are many factors that contribute to sluggish production numbers, from low patient retention to ineffective case presentations. Relying on pre-appointing to fill in the schedule is another common practice that likely kept a good number of dentists from reaching their production goals in 2016. While many offices still pre-appoint patients six months out, 2017 …[Read More…]

3 Patients You Might Be Better Off Without

While it’s important to develop a large base of loyal patients, the truth is, there are some patients your practice would be better off without. Unfortunately, every dentist deals with problem patients from time to time. Here are three types of patients you might want to avoid, and advice on how to turn these frustrating …[Read More…]

New Patient Phone Calls Lead To More Revenue

Your team members probably hate it when the phone rings. They have to stop what they’re doing to answer questions they may or may not know the answer to, or to listen to patients complain about a charge they thought their insurance would cover. This negative attitude comes across when they talk to patients—and that …[Read More…]

3 Tips to Help Put an End to Cancellations and No-Shows

If your practice is plagued by broken appointments, it’s time to take steps to get more patients in the chair and boost practice production. Not sure how? Here are three tips to help you get started. 1. Go over appointment details with every patient. Remember to be thorough when scheduling patients. Giving them an appointment …[Read More…]

Developing Scripts Can Improve your Bottom Line

If your team members aren’t comfortable talking with patients on the phone, chances are it’s costing you money. Maybe an awkward conversation kept a new patient from scheduling an appointment. Perhaps a patient decided to go to another practice because the team member the patient spoke with couldn’t explain why insurance didn’t cover a portion …[Read More…]

How a Patient Coordinator Can Help Reduce Overhead

Most practices only turn to their past due patient list when it’s time to fill a broken appointment. Frantic calls are made to these patients in the hopes they’ll drop what they’re doing and take the open slot, but it usually doesn’t work out that way. No one takes the appointment and once again you …[Read More…]

Confirming Appointments Impacts Your Schedule

Most days, your office deals with the stress that comes with broken appointments. Patients forget about their appointment and either call at the last minute to reschedule or just don’t show up at all. This not only wreaks havoc on your day, it keeps you from meeting daily production goals – and that costs you …[Read More…]

Hiring a Treatment Coordinator to Reduce Broken Appointments

You spend 10 minutes educating your patient, Jenny, chairside about her need for treatment. She nods her head and seems to understand the importance of moving forward, and even schedules an appointment before she leaves. But when that appointment time comes around, she doesn’t show up. Chances are, Jenny didn’t really understand why she needed …[Read More…]