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Plan for Broken Appointments

Nobody on your team wants to deal with last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Broken appointments send your practice into a panic, as the Scheduling Coordinator does her best to find someone to take the open slots. If she can’t, the chances of you meeting daily production goals are pretty slim. Just like you plan for practice …[Read More…]

3 Types of Patients Who Hurt Your Practice

Problem team members aren’t the only ones who bring your practice down. There are certain types of patients who cause your practice more harm than good, and in some cases it might even be better to part ways with them, just like you would with an employee who has a horrible attitude and consistently poor …[Read More…]

4 Ways to Bring in More Money and Cover Raises

Even when your team members earn raises, you can’t increase salaries if you just don’t have the money. Simply put, for team members to make more money, the practice has to bring in more money. So before you give out any raises, I recommend you put a plan in place to ensure your practice does …[Read More…]

The Benefits of Hybrid Scheduling

There are many factors that contribute to sluggish production numbers, from low patient retention to ineffective case presentations. Relying on pre-appointing to fill in the schedule is another common practice that likely kept a good number of dentists from reaching their production goals in 2016. While many offices still pre-appoint patients six months out, 2017 …[Read More…]

Improve Financial Success by Revamping the Recall System

If you’re ready to grow practice revenues in 2017, focusing on recall is a great way to do it. The recall system, though often ignored, represents thousands of dollars in revenue your practice could be bringing in every year. All you have to do is tap into it. Here are a few tips to revamp …[Read More…]

Get Hygiene Salaries Under Control

There are various factors that could hamper your hygienist’s ability to produce, but if you pay a guaranteed salary none of that matters; hygiene receives the same paycheck no matter how the department performs or how much the practice might be suffering. That’s why you should consider switching to a two-tier system that offers a …[Read More…]

The Scheduling Coordinator Helps Everyone Meet Production Goals

Your hygienist’s salary shouldn’t be more than 33% of production – but it could soar much higher than that if you pay a guaranteed salary, especially if you also have struggling systems. Your Scheduling Coordinator is key to ensuring your hygienist meets daily production goals and contributes to practice success. The Scheduling Coordinator should be …[Read More…]

5 Reasons Production is Down

Your production numbers are nowhere near where they should be, and you have no idea why. Sure, ignoring recall is a big part of the problem, but there are other factors that can hurt practice production. Here are a few: 1. You haven’t trained your staff properly. And that means they’re not going to be …[Read More…]

3 Patients You Might Be Better Off Without

While it’s important to develop a large base of loyal patients, the truth is, there are some patients your practice would be better off without. Unfortunately, every dentist deals with problem patients from time to time. Here are three types of patients you might want to avoid, and advice on how to turn these frustrating …[Read More…]

New Patient Phone Calls Lead To More Revenue

Your team members probably hate it when the phone rings. They have to stop what they’re doing to answer questions they may or may not know the answer to, or to listen to patients complain about a charge they thought their insurance would cover. This negative attitude comes across when they talk to patients—and that …[Read More…]