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Educate Patients to Improve Collections

Focusing on educating patients will increase your case acceptance rates and reduce the number of broken appointments you deal with each day. Not only that, educated patients are more likely to pay on time because they see the value in your services. Talking with your patients chairside is a great way to provide this education. …[Read More…]

When Presenting Treatment, Don’t Put the Focus on Money

Patients say no to treatment for many reasons, but I find one of the most common is cost. They don’t see the value in the treatment and decide the money would be better spent elsewhere. That’s where education can make a huge difference. Educated patients are more likely to accept treatment. While it’s important for …[Read More…]

More Tips to Help Keep Emergency Patients Loyal

No matter how they found your practice, whether they came to you during an emergency or they were referred by a friend, patients want to feel good about the practice they choose to call their dental home. They have a lot of options, so if your practice stops meeting expectations, patients might start looking at …[Read More…]

Why It’s Important to Follow Up with Emergency Patients

You’ve just finished treating an emergency patient who’s agreed to schedule a comprehensive exam for the following week. While that’s great news, remember your work doesn’t end there. It’s important to follow up with every emergency patient once they leave your practice (even if they didn’t schedule an appointment). Ask them how they’re feeling and …[Read More…]

How to Know When to Lower Your Fees

Dentists don’t always need to adjust their fees because they’re too low. Sometimes, their fees are just too high for the community they serve—a problem that could keep dentists from growing their patient base and ultimately their bottom line. Many of you might be thinking, “I have no idea what other dentists in my community …[Read More…]

Don’t Scare New Patients Off with Expensive Treatment Plans

When patients walk into your practice for the first time, they’re not only nervous, they’re also a little leery. They still don’t trust you and your team and might even be looking for reasons not to come back. That’s why it’s important not to overwhelm them during that first appointment. If you present a treatment …[Read More…]

3 Benefits of Hiring a Treatment Coordinator

If your case acceptance numbers are down, you might want to consider hiring a Treatment Coordinator. This vital team member can help take your practice from struggling to thriving, growing your case acceptance rate and your bottom line. Not convinced a Treatment Coordinator can help improve case acceptance in your practice? Here are three benefits …[Read More…]

5 Tips to Boost Patient Retention

While revamping recall is a great way to boost your patient retention numbers, there are other ways to grow a loyal patient base. Follow these tips to keep patients coming back to your practice. 1. Offer exceptional customer service. Most patients don’t exactly enjoy going to the dentist, which is why it’s so important for …[Read More…]

5 Reasons Production is Down

Your production numbers are nowhere near where they should be, and you have no idea why. Sure, ignoring recall is a big part of the problem, but there are other factors that can hurt practice production. Here are a few: 1. You haven’t trained your staff properly. And that means they’re not going to be …[Read More…]

3 Tips to Help Put an End to Cancellations and No-Shows

If your practice is plagued by broken appointments, it’s time to take steps to get more patients in the chair and boost practice production. Not sure how? Here are three tips to help you get started. 1. Go over appointment details with every patient. Remember to be thorough when scheduling patients. Giving them an appointment …[Read More…]