Educate Patients to Improve Collections

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Focusing on educating patients will increase your case acceptance rates and reduce the number of broken appointments you deal with each day. Not only that, educated patients are more likely to pay on time because they see the value in your services.

Talking with your patients chairside is a great way to provide this education. Tell them about their condition and how you can help them reach optimal health. Show patients x-rays and images from the intraoral camera so they can actually see what’s going on in their mouths. Videos, brochures and e-newsletters are also effective patient education tools.

Don’t stop there; have your Treatment Coordinator continue to educate during the case presentation. This includes discussing the possible consequences of putting off treatment as well as how long the procedure will take, what’s involved in the procedure and what payment options are available.

I also suggest you send patients home with a visit summary that highlights treatment completed during their appointment, any free products they received and a rundown of the areas you’d like them to watch until their next visit. When patients see everything written down, they place more value in the appointment and the dentistry you provide.

You really should look at every patient interaction as an opportunity to educate, whether it’s over the phone, chairside or at the front desk. This education is key to creating a loyal base of patients who appreciate what you do. These are the patients who will accept treatment, refer, show up for their appointments and pay on time. They’re the ones who help increase revenues and take some of the stress out of your day. Focus on education and you’ll soon notice an increase in practice production and profits.

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