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Why Your Dental Office Manager Must Be A Leader

The person you hire for the Dental Office Manager role will serve as your Chief Operating Officer, or COO, which is a critical position in any business. Whoever you hire essentially will become your partner, and must be someone other team members can look to as a leader. Your Office Manager is the first point …[Read More…]

4 Reasons Patients Retention is Low

If a patient doesn’t appreciate you or value dentistry, there’s a good chance you’ll never see that patient again. Improving your education efforts will help win them over and improve patient retention, but there are many other reasons patients opt to not come back to a practice. Here are four. 1. You ignored a complaint. …[Read More…]

Warning Signs Your Schedule Is Just Keeping You Busy, Not Productive

The schedule is one of the most critical systems in your practice, yet it’s also one of the most abused. A well-managed schedule will keep you on track to meeting daily production goals, without burning you out or adding extra stress to your day. But so many dentists I’ve worked with find themselves having to …[Read More…]

Signs You Might Need a Dental Consultant

You’ve been thinking about hiring a dental consultant to help grow your practice, but you’re not sure if you really need one. There are definitely areas in your practice that could use some TLC, but you’re just about convinced you can make the necessary changes on your own. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot. …[Read More…]

4 Ways to Bring in More Money and Cover Raises

Even when your team members earn raises, you can’t increase salaries if you just don’t have the money. Simply put, for team members to make more money, the practice has to bring in more money. So before you give out any raises, I recommend you put a plan in place to ensure your practice does …[Read More…]

How a Patient Coordinator Can Help Reduce Overhead

Most practices only turn to their past due patient list when it’s time to fill a broken appointment. Frantic calls are made to these patients in the hopes they’ll drop what they’re doing and take the open slot, but it usually doesn’t work out that way. No one takes the appointment and once again you …[Read More…]

Listen to Patient Complaints to Fuel Practice Growth

When building a team of practice CEOs, it’s important to train employees to not only ask themselves important questions, but to also listen to patients when they bring problems to their attention. No one on your team wants to deal with patient complaints, so they often get ignored. Your hygienist smiles and politely listens as …[Read More…]

Confirming Appointments Impacts Your Schedule

Most days, your office deals with the stress that comes with broken appointments. Patients forget about their appointment and either call at the last minute to reschedule or just don’t show up at all. This not only wreaks havoc on your day, it keeps you from meeting daily production goals – and that costs you …[Read More…]

Your Poorly Managed Schedule is Costing You Patients

Your patients don’t want to spend their afternoon in your waiting room. In fact, most of them barely have time to fit in an hour dental appointment, let alone add another half hour as they wait for their name to be called. But if your schedule is a mess, chances are your patients are left …[Read More…]

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Boost Patient Retention with a Treatment Coordinator

While investing in recall is one of the best ways to boost patient retention and increase your bottom line, there are other steps you can take to grow your practice. One of them is hiring a Treatment Coordinator. All too often, dentists perform their own case presentations chairside. They spend 5 to 10 minutes talking …[Read More…]