Tips to Help Improve Patient Retention

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If you want to increase practice production and grow your bottom line, boosting patient retention is a good place to start.

The truth is, many practices struggle with patient retention. They spend all their energy trying to attract new patients, but don’t put much thought into keeping the ones they already have. This can be a costly oversight, but one you can correct with a few changes:

Focus on customer service. Patients expect a certain experience when they walk through your practice doors. If your practice falls short of their expectations, they won’t hesitate to make their next appointment at another office. Train your team members to greet patients right away, to help them fill out paperwork and to offer them a beverage while they wait—basically anything that will make them more comfortable and improve the overall patient experience.

Put an end to staff conflict. If there’s tension among team members, your patients will notice—and it might be enough to send them running to another practice. Take steps to squash conflict before it costs you patients and damages your practice.

Educate your patients. Talk with patients about their condition and the importance of the services you provide. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and will feel more connected to your practice. It’s also important to build a rapport with your patients. Ask them about their oral health goals as well as their families and their jobs.

Add more services. The more services you can offer in-house, the more loyal patients will be to your practice. Invest in CE so you can add the services your patients want most, then let them know those services are available.

Keep your practice up-to-date. Patients want to visit a high-tech practice that has their comfort in mind. If your office is clean and inviting, more patients will want to come back.

If your practice is losing money, lackluster patient retention is likely part of the problem. Finding ways to encourage patient loyalty will do wonders for your practice, improving morale, productivity and revenues.