Want to Create Stronger Patient Connections? Look to your Team

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While it’s important for you to spend time building relationships with your patients, it’s also important for your team members to do the same. Even if patients feel connected to you as the dentist, they might still look for a new dental home if just one of the team members makes them uncomfortable for any reason—hurting your practice productivity and your bottom line.

How can you avoid this? Encourage team members to build a rapport with patients with these three tips:

Put the focus on customer service. Train team members to greet every patient with a smile and a friendly hello. They should also focus on making patients comfortable any way they can, and show them they’re the No. 1 priority.

Reassure patients. Patients, especially if they’re new, are often nervous about what to expect once they’re in the chair. While they’re waiting, team members should let them know they’re in great hands. They should also answer any questions patients ask and do their best to ease any concerns. Patients will appreciate the help and note how happy and friendly the team was during their visit.

Educate them. Remember every patient interaction is an opportunity to educate. Team members should provide education over the phone, at the front desk and chairside. Hygienists, for example, can educate patients by explaining exactly what a perio probe is and what the numbers mean.

Building strong relationships is key to patient loyalty, but you can’t do it alone. Get your team involved and you’ll find you have even more loyal patients who are happy to call your practice their dental home.