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Improve Collections with Education no Comments

Many patients just don’t understand the value of dentistry, which is part of the reason they often don’t pay on time. It’s up to you and your team members to show them the value of the services you provide. This will make them more likely to accept treatment, as well as to pay in a …[Read More…]

Hiring the Wrong People Can Damage Your Practice no Comments

Developing a strong team that works well together is critical to a practice’s success. Most dentists know this, yet they still end up hiring the wrong people and suffering because of it. Bad hires can really damage your practice, making it vital to focus on taking the proper steps before you bring someone on. This …[Read More…]

Common Hiring Mistakes That Dentists Make no Comments

Hiring new team members can be pretty stressful – which is why most dentists try to get it over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this means they usually skip important steps in the process and end up with bad hires who do nothing but hold the practice back. One of the mistakes dentists make …[Read More…]

Extending Your Hours Can Help Reduce Broken Appointments no Comments

Many of your patients have full-time jobs and family responsibilities they must manage every day. There’s a lot to juggle, and fitting in dental appointments is not usually their top priority—which means there’s a good chance they might cancel or not show up at all when they’re scheduled to be in the chair. To help …[Read More…]

Broken Appointments Are Hurting Your Practice no Comments

When patients call to cancel at the last minute or just don’t show up at all, it can be pretty annoying for you and your team. Chaos ensues as your Scheduling Coordinator tries to fill the broken appointments, but more often than not those efforts are in vain. If you’re dealing with multiple broken appointments …[Read More…]

Other Ways to Grow Your Practice Besides Marketing no Comments

Investing in a targeted marketing campaign that includes both digital and direct mail components is an effective way to grow your practice – but it isn’t the only way. That’s right, there are other things you can do to attract patients to your practice, as well as to retain them. Interested in learning more? Here …[Read More…]

How To Get New Patients To Come Back no Comments

It’s great to see your marketing efforts pay off in the form of more new patient appointments – but those new patients won’t do your practice much good if you never see them again. Getting patients in the chair for the first time is only half the battle. You and your team members also have …[Read More…]

Tips to Improve Team Performance no Comments

When team members are under-performing, it’s not always because they have a bad attitude or lack the skills necessary for the role. Sometimes they just need more direction from you, the practice CEO, to improve team performance. If any of your team members aren’t living up to your expectations, there are steps you can take …[Read More…]

4 Ways Problem Employees Hurt Your Practice no Comments

The thought of firing an employee sends most dentists into a panic. It’s a situation they’d rather not deal with, so many of them don’t—which of course damages the practice. If an employee is holding your practice back rather than contributing to its success, it’s important to take the appropriate action. This starts with a …[Read More…]

How Focusing on Recall Benefits Your Practice no Comments

If your practice is struggling with lackluster production numbers, revamping your recall system is one of the best ways to get back on track and to start meeting daily goals. But that’s not the only benefit focusing on recall can provide. Here are four more: 1. Case acceptance numbers will go up. When you have …[Read More…]

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