3 Ways to Create Value in a Dental Appointment

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When patients don’t see the value in dentistry, they often don’t bother to show up for their appointments on time (if at all) or feel the need to pay for services rendered when their bill comes due. This does nothing but hold your practice back and keep you from meeting your full potential.

How can you help patients understand the value of the services you provide? Follow these tips.

1. Up your patient education efforts. If you only briefly go over treatment recommendations with patients, they’re not going to understand the benefits of maintaining their oral health or of scheduling necessary procedures. Show them educational videos and spend time explaining the oral-systemic link. Help them understand why dentistry is so important, and how your practice can help them improve their smile and their overall health.

2. Give them a detailed summary of the appointment. Most patients have no idea what all goes into a dental appointment—which is why they don’t see a problem with canceling at the last minute. I suggest you provide every patient with a summary of their visit before they leave. This should include every product used as well as every free sample they’re taking home. And don’t forget to add home care instructions and any problem areas you want to pay special attention to at their next visit.

When patients see the appointment broken down this way, they’ll have a much better idea of why it’s so important for them to schedule and keep their appointments.

3. Show them successful cases. Many of your patients are visual people. Just because you tell them a service you provide will give them a more confident smile and improved health doesn’t mean they believe it. I suggest you show them before and after photos of similar successful cases you’ve completed. This will help them see what’s possible and will enable them to put more trust in your skills as a clinician.

Many of your patients simply don’t understand the value of what you do, which leads to broken appointments and unscheduled treatment. Show them how important that time in the chair really is, and these patients will be less likely to break their appointments and more likely to pay on time.

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