3 Ways to Grow Your Practice in 2018

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Converting emergency patients to comprehensive exams represents a great opportunity for practice growth—and is one you should take advantage of in 2018.

There are a variety of other ways you can grow your practice in the New Year as well, enabling you to finally meet your full potential. Here are a few:

1. Focus on recall. While this is the most ignored system, it has the potential to bring in the most money. That’s why I suggest you commit to revamping recall in 2018. Consider hiring a Patient Coordinator and empowering your new team member to take over recall. This includes calling a specific number of past due patients each day and then getting so many of those patients back on the schedule.

2. Show patients the value of dentistry. Patients who understand the importance of the services you provide are more likely to stay loyal to your practice. To help them understand, look at every patient interaction as an opportunity to educate. Make an effort to show patients exactly what goes into every appointment. How? Give them a sheet that lists all the services performed and all the free products they received. They’ll have a much better appreciation for what you do, and that will lead to an increase in case acceptance.

3. Hire a Treatment Coordinator. While you do your best to answer patient questions and educate them about treatment recommendations chairside, many still end up leaving your practice without scheduling. That’s where a Treatment Coordinator can help. The coordinator can sit down with patients to discuss all aspects of treatment, and take the time to address concerns and answer questions. If patients still don’t schedule, train the Treatment Coordinator to follow up two days later, and to be ready to address any other perceived barriers to care.

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to think about your goals and to make the necessary changes to achieve them. If you’re ready to grow production in 2018, following these tips will help you get there.


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