4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

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As the practice CEO, it’s your job to motivate your team members to succeed. How exactly can you do that effectively in your practice? Here are a few ideas:

1. Implement a rewards program. Many dentists have bonus plans in place, but I find rewards programs are much more effective. There are a host of reasons bonus plans simply don’t work, one of them being they put the focus on money rather than employee performance. To really motivate team members to excel in their roles, I suggest implementing a rewards program instead. Through these programs, employees earn rewards for individual accomplishments. Rewards can include anything from an extra paid day off work to a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

2. Provide job descriptions with detailed performance measurements. If team members don’t know your expectations, they’ll likely feel lost. This hurts staff morale and might even send team members looking for another job. Detailed job descriptions give them the direction they crave. And if you include performance measurements (which of course you should) employees know exactly what they need to do to exceed expectations, and maybe even earn a raise in the process.

3. Give continual feedback. Meeting with employees once a year to talk about performance just isn’t enough. I suggest you give team members feedback on a regular basis. Praise team members when you see them do something that’s above and beyond, and also let them know when they’ve done something wrong. This will help them grow as professionals as well as motivate them to improve their performance.

4. Offer proper training. When employees aren’t trained properly, it damages your practice. They don’t have the confidence to effectively perform their jobs, and that leaves everyone in the practice frustrated—while also costing you money. Properly trained employees know exactly what they need to do and how to do it, motivating them to offer their best performance when they come to work each day.

A strong, motivated team is key to your success. Implement these changes and you’ll notice a huge difference in employee performance and your bottom line.