Better Leadership Will Help Team Members Excel

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When team members feel lost and don’t have proper leadership, they’re not nearly as productive as they should be. Instead, they spend their time wondering exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and if they’re meeting your expectations—and they’re usually not.

To be effective, your team members need a leader they can turn to. As the practice CEO, that leader is you. If you become a better leader and offer team members proper guidance, they’ll be more confident and effective in their roles. Sharpening your leadership skills will lead to a variety of benefits for your team members and your practice. Here are a few.

There will be less conflict. When team members aren’t clear who’s responsible for what, it can lead to confusion and frustration. Some tasks don’t get done while others are handled by more than one person. This can all lead to resentment and conflict, along with all the damage gossiping and passive aggressive behaviors can bring. Properly trained team members know their role in the practice, making it easier for them to work together to help you achieve your goals—reducing the likelihood of conflict.

Team members will be happier. Employees are much more satisfied with their jobs when they know what’s expected of them and have the tools they need to succeed. They’re more motivated to meet their goals and are happier to come to work each day. That means you’ll have less turnover on your team, which benefits the entire practice, including your patients.

Production and revenues will rise. Confident team members are more productive team members. When given the guidance they need, employees are much more efficient and even more motivated to meet and exceed your expectations.

Embracing the role of practice CEO is difficult for many dentists, but it’s vital to a successful practice. When you’re a better leader, it will show in how your team members perform their jobs. They’ll begin to excel, and that will result in a more productive, profitable practice.

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