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The Benefits of Hybrid Scheduling

There are many factors that contribute to sluggish production numbers, from low patient retention to ineffective case presentations. Relying on pre-appointing to fill in the schedule is another common practice that likely kept a good number of dentists from reaching their production goals in 2016. While many offices still pre-appoint patients six months out, 2017 …[Read More…]

Get Hygiene Salaries Under Control

There are various factors that could hamper your hygienist’s ability to produce, but if you pay a guaranteed salary none of that matters; hygiene receives the same paycheck no matter how the department performs or how much the practice might be suffering. That’s why you should consider switching to a two-tier system that offers a …[Read More…]

3 Ways to Increase Hygiene Production

If your hygiene production numbers are down, it’s keeping your practice from meeting true success and profitability. And no matter how fairly you compensate your hygienists or how good your hygienists are, they can’t produce if there aren’t any patients in the chair. Here are three ways to revive your hygiene department so you can …[Read More…]

Raises plus Guaranteed Salaries are Killing your Bottom Line

A guaranteed hygiene salary doesn’t equal guaranteed production. The sad truth is, many hygienists who earn a guaranteed wage don’t produce anywhere near what they should, which is three times their salary. And that, of course, sends overhead soaring and revenues plummeting. The damage becomes worse when you add yearly raises to this guaranteed salary. …[Read More…]

Improving Communication to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows

You know educated patients are more likely to keep their appointments and accept the treatment you recommend. That’s why you’ve empowered your team members to educate patients about their oral condition and what they need to do to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Your hygienists take the time to provide this education using various …[Read More…]

Scheduling your Hygiene Department for Success

A profitable, productive hygiene department doesn’t just magically happen. If you want to maximize your practice’s hygiene profits, you need a strategy to help you achieve your goals, a commitment to making your goals a reality and an implementation procedure to keep you on track. Simply put, success must be scheduled. When scheduling to meet …[Read More…]

Are You Starving Your Practice Feeder?

Unquestionably, the hygiene department is the number one feeder to practice production. But what are you doing to ensure that area is well nourished? Lackluster hygiene production translates into smaller raises, lower bonuses, fewer new technologies, and on, and on, and on. If you are tolerating average performance from your hygiene department, you’re tolerating an …[Read More…]

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Maximize Your Hygiene Schedule

A hygiene schedule that appears to be booked solid does NOT guarantee a profitable hygiene department. In addition to being impractical in today’s busy culture, six-month scheduling commonly creates the illusion of an overly full schedule. It may appear that two or three more hygienists are necessary to keep up with patient demand when, in …[Read More…]

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Hygiene – Profit or Loss?

Regardless of economic conditions, controlling overhead requires constant vigilance – and it can be the difference between surviving or thriving during both lush and lean financial times.

Give Patients an “Incentive” to Be in the Chair

Give patients a reason to come to your office, and inform your patients about treatment financing plans