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Want to Improve Patient Retention? Offer Financing.

There are many reasons why patients decide to not return to your practice or not schedule treatment, but money is one of the most common. They just can’t afford to pay for the procedure all at once, so they stop scheduling appointments and opt to forego treatment. Not only does this mean your patients aren’t …[Read More…]

Bridge the Financial Gap

Managing the patient’s expectations regarding their insurance is the first step in helping patients to pay for necessary and elective treatment. The next is providing financial options. The financial coordinator sits down with Mrs. Patient and explains the various payment options. For example, “The total fee for your treatment, which includes (provide a complete list …[Read More…]

Tackle Insurance Realities Head-On

It’s essential for patients to understand what the dental insurance provided by their employer or spouse’s employer covers but, more importantly, that the insurance company will not dictate the level of care you offer patients.

by Sally in Cash Flow, Insurance

Give Patients an “Incentive” to Be in the Chair

Give patients a reason to come to your office, and inform your patients about treatment financing plans

Patients Leaving Practice…Adjust Fees For Lost Insurance?

Sally,   We have a huge number of patients that have had one of the PPO’s we are part of and now find themselves without insurance. (retired or unemployed or even new standard insurance) The problem we are having is that more and more patients are angry with us due to our fees. Patients with …[Read More…]

Patients Want Discounts….But What About Their Insurance?

I am under the understanding that it is illegal to give or even offer discounts to patients that have dental insurance.

by Sally in Insurance

Build-ups and Billing Insurance

Hello Sally, I have a question, if we have a patient, that after he is seated, we discover he needs a buildup besides the crown, mind you that we did not originally discuss it or treatment plan it, and we do the buildup, can we bill the insurance and only accept what they in turn …[Read More…]

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