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Are Low Patient Retention Numbers Stressing You Out?

It can be pretty disappointing when new patients, who you thought you connected with, don’t come back. If this is a common occurrence in your practice, it can also be pretty stressful. Part of the problem is you usually have no idea why these patients opted to find a new dental home. There are so …[Read More…]

Use Patient Feedback to Benefit Your Practice

When patients come to you with a complaint or take the time to fill out a practice survey and provide feedback, it’s important for you to really pay attention to what they have to say. Never shrug off negative comments or chalk them up to the patient being in a bad mood. Look at this …[Read More…]

Why You Should Try to Get Feedback from Patients

Providing feedback to your employees, and encouraging them to offer you feedback as well, is an important part of strengthening your practice and your team—but it shouldn’t end there. You should also get your patients involved. Patient feedback is vital to practice growth. When you know what patients are thinking, you can make changes to …[Read More…]

Is Your Schedule Controlling You, Instead of You Controlling Your Schedule?

Looking at your schedule makes your head spin. All you see is a hodge-podge of names and dates strung together with little or no order. You’re finding it’s impossible to keep up each day, yet you’re still not meeting production goals. You’re stressed, tired and ready for a change. If you can relate to this, …[Read More…]

Extending Your Hours Can Help Reduce Broken Appointments

Many of your patients have full-time jobs and family responsibilities they must manage every day. There’s a lot to juggle, and fitting in dental appointments is not usually their top priority—which means there’s a good chance they might cancel or not show up at all when they’re scheduled to be in the chair. To help …[Read More…]

Broken Appointments Are Hurting Your Practice

When patients call to cancel at the last minute or just don’t show up at all, it can be pretty annoying for you and your team. Chaos ensues as your Scheduling Coordinator tries to fill the broken appointments, but more often than not those efforts are in vain. If you’re dealing with multiple broken appointments …[Read More…]

Other Ways to Grow Your Practice Besides Marketing

Investing in a targeted marketing campaign that includes both digital and direct mail components is an effective way to grow your practice – but it isn’t the only way. That’s right, there are other things you can do to attract patients to your practice, as well as to retain them. Interested in learning more? Here …[Read More…]

How To Get New Patients To Come Back

It’s great to see your marketing efforts pay off in the form of more new patient appointments – but those new patients won’t do your practice much good if you never see them again. Getting patients in the chair for the first time is only half the battle. You and your team members also have …[Read More…]

How Focusing on Recall Benefits Your Practice

If your practice is struggling with lackluster production numbers, revamping your recall system is one of the best ways to get back on track and to start meeting daily goals. But that’s not the only benefit focusing on recall can provide. Here are four more: 1. Case acceptance numbers will go up. When you have …[Read More…]

Use Professional Marketing Materials to Boost Recall

Hiring a Patient Coordinator to reach out to past due patients via phone is a great way to give recall a boost. Another method you can use to get more patients on the schedule is sending out professional Educational Recall Reminders. Many dentists I work with mail generic recall reminders to their patients and hope …[Read More…]