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Ordinary Conflict Creates Extraordinary Problems

In the dental practice, conflict typically presents in the day-to-day routine – namely the systems where it tends to quietly fester.

Selective Accountability Damages Your Practice

Conflict is often rooted in a general lack of direction and inadequate communication. Employees do not know who is responsible and accountable for which systems.

6 Steps to New Employee Success

Begin the “onboarding” process for a new employee when s/he accepts the offer.

Eliminate the Costly Learning Curve for New Hires

Study after study shows that investing in a new employee’s success can pay huge dividends, including improving employee performance nearly 12% and enabling them to achieve much higher productivity a full two months sooner than others.

7 Steps to Reduce Stress

While stress in the dental practice neither can be nor should be eliminated, managing it is critical.

Is Cross Training the Answer or the Problem?

The fact is that when everyone has their hand in everything, no one is accountable for anything.

Avoid the Seemingly Insignificant Disaster in Your Practice

Oftentimes, it’s the little things – the seemingly insignificant actions – that make all the difference. Patient opinions and perceptions are shaped by multiple variables, many of which tend to be subtle and vague. Often it’s the intangibles that have a very tangible impact on your success and practice growth.

Feeling an Oncoming Career Slump? Do This.

The mid-point in a dental career can bring great uncertainty, many questions, and frustrations.

Creating Relationships or Routine Transactions?

In many cases, the six-month visit is the only time the dentist is going to have the opportunity to sit down with the patient and assess not only his/her their oral health condition but also the individual’s oral health concerns and interests.

If You’re Selling Smiles, Why Aren’t You Wearing One?

You and your team advertise your dentistry. If you’re selling smiles, everyone on your team, including you, doctor, should wear the beautiful smiles that excellent dentistry can create.