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4 Ways to Bring in More Money and Cover Raises

Even when your team members earn raises, you can’t increase salaries if you just don’t have the money. Simply put, for team members to make more money, the practice has to bring in more money. So before you give out any raises, I recommend you put a plan in place to ensure your practice does …[Read More…]

Conducting Salary Reviews before Giving Out Raises

If you give out raises the practice can’t afford, the results can be disastrous. You’ll send your overhead costs spiraling out of control, and not only will saving for retirement seem like an unreachable dream, you might even struggle to keep the practice doors open. This is why you shouldn’t give out raises no matter …[Read More…]

3 Reasons You’re Losing Employees

While a lack of feedback from you might lead to frustration that sends team members looking for another job, it certainly isn’t the only reason they might decide to put in their two-week notice. Your employees want to feel like a valuable part of the team, and if they don’t they’ll look for another practice …[Read More…]

Discussing Raises with Family

Working with family is tricky, as is talking about raises. Often times team members aren’t shy, especially if they’re family, about asking for a small bump in pay. They tell you they’re having trouble making ends meet and how much just a few extra dollars an hour would help. You say yes because they’re family, …[Read More…]

What to Consider Before You Give Out Raises

You know how important raises are to your team members. Raises let them know you appreciate what they do and shows them they’re making valuable contributions to the practice. You’d love to reward team members with a bump in pay when they earn it, but the problem is, if you want to give your team …[Read More…]

Get Team Members Excited About Your Rewards Program

Your team members want to be part of your practice’s success. They want to do their part to help you achieve your goals, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little extra motivation. Developing a rewards program will provide that extra motivation, and involving them in the process will help get them even more …[Read More…]

What NOT To Say When an Employee Asks For a Raise

It’s bound to happen. An employee will catch you off guard, asking for a raise in pay when you least expect it. This can be a stressful time for dentists, but you have to be prepared to handle it – not just say the first thing that comes to mind. Though you might be tempted, …[Read More…]

3 Ways to Improve Performance that Don’t Involve Bonuses

Many doctors rely on bonuses to motivate their team members to excel. They think that if a bonus plan is in place, employees will work harder to improve their performance and achieve practice goals. Sorry doc, but that simply isn’t the case. Bonus programs put the focus on money rather than performance. Team members set …[Read More…]

Raises plus Guaranteed Salaries are Killing your Bottom Line

A guaranteed hygiene salary doesn’t equal guaranteed production. The sad truth is, many hygienists who earn a guaranteed wage don’t produce anywhere near what they should, which is three times their salary. And that, of course, sends overhead soaring and revenues plummeting. The damage becomes worse when you add yearly raises to this guaranteed salary. …[Read More…]

Understand Personality Differences to Help Avoid Conflict

You likely have a variety of different personality types on your team. Some of your team members may be outgoing and bubbly, while others would rather keep to themselves and focus on completing their tasks. They all have different ways of approaching their roles and, unfortunately, that can lead to conflict. Stephanie may think Karen …[Read More…]