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Hiring the Wrong People Can Damage Your Practice

Developing a strong team that works well together is critical to a practice’s success. Most dentists know this, yet they still end up hiring the wrong people and suffering because of it. Bad hires can really damage your practice, making it vital to focus on taking the proper steps before you bring someone on. This …[Read More…]

Common Hiring Mistakes That Dentists Make

Hiring new team members can be pretty stressful – which is why most dentists try to get it over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this means they usually skip important steps in the process and end up with bad hires who do nothing but hold the practice back. One of the mistakes dentists make …[Read More…]

Tips to Improve Team Performance

When team members are under-performing, it’s not always because they have a bad attitude or lack the skills necessary for the role. Sometimes they just need more direction from you, the practice CEO, to improve team performance. If any of your team members aren’t living up to your expectations, there are steps you can take …[Read More…]

4 Ways Problem Employees Hurt Your Practice

The thought of firing an employee sends most dentists into a panic. It’s a situation they’d rather not deal with, so many of them don’t—which of course damages the practice. If an employee is holding your practice back rather than contributing to its success, it’s important to take the appropriate action. This starts with a …[Read More…]

Better Leadership Will Help Team Members Excel

When team members feel lost and don’t have proper leadership, they’re not nearly as productive as they should be. Instead, they spend their time wondering exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and if they’re meeting your expectations—and they’re usually not. To be effective, your team members need a leader they can turn to. As …[Read More…]

3 Tips to Revamp Recall and Reduce Out-of-Control Overhead

For many practices, investing in recall just isn’t a priority. They send generic postcards via snail mail to patients who are overdue and think that’s enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and your lackluster recall efforts could be part of the reason practice overhead costs are soaring. Your recall system represents the highest potential for bringing money …[Read More…]

Improve Employee Performance to Lower Overhead

Your team members play a big role in practice success. If they’re not as efficient or productive as they could be, it leads to low team morale and high overhead costs. Improving employee performance will help grow your bottom line and reduce out of control overhead. Here’s how to make that happen in your practice: …[Read More…]

Job Descriptions Help Production Numbers

Most dentists I work with don’t want to bother with creating detailed job descriptions. They think they’re a waste of time and that their employees will be able to learn their jobs as they go, especially if they come to the practice with experience. The problem? If you don’t develop job descriptions, your team members …[Read More…]

What To Do When It’s Time To Fire A Dental Team Member

Firing an employee is never easy, but unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary. Many dentists aren’t comfortable with this task and put it off as long as possible. The problem is, that only serves to weaken your team and damage your practice. After you’ve gone through the proper disciplinary process and determine it’s time to part ways …[Read More…]

Offering Continual Feedback Can Strengthen Your Team

No matter how long they’ve been part of the team, your employees need feedback from you, the practice CEO. Without it, they really have no idea what they’re doing right or where they can improve. Offering continual feedback (both positive and constructive) can strengthen your team and improve practice efficiencies. Not convinced? Read on. Feedback …[Read More…]