Why Your Dental Office Manager Must Be A Leader

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The person you hire for the Dental Office Manager role will serve as your Chief Operating Officer, or COO, which is a critical position in any business. Whoever you hire essentially will become your partner, and must be someone other team members can look to as a leader.

Your Office Manager is the first point of contact for patients and team members when issues arise. If the manager is uncomfortable with this or simply isn’t good at problem solving, it will just lead to more issues in your practice. The manager must be willing and able to make important decisions and discipline employees when necessary.

For some, leadership comes naturally. If you find a candidate with the right skill-set and temperament for the role as well as the ability to lead, you’ll have the opportunity to bring someone on board who can really help move the practice forward—assuming you provide the appropriate training and guidance.

But that isn’t always the case. Often, dentists find what seems like the perfect candidate, except those all-important leadership skills are a little shaky. If that happens to you, don’t worry. The right person will be able to develop these skills through training and education. Trust me, it will be well worth any time or money you invest when you have an Office Manager who can efficiently run the business side of the practice so you can focus on the clinical.

Finding the right Office Manager can be challenging, but it’s important not to hire the first person you see with an impressive resume, or a “good” employee who excels in their current position but isn’t right for this job. Look for a person who enjoys working with numbers and with people, and who loves problem solving. Eventually, you’ll find the leader you need, and this critical employee will play a large role in helping you meet your full potential.

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