Encourage Leadership & Partnership to Engage Your Team

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Encouraging leadership as well as partnership among your employees may require that you let go of some of the very beliefs and behaviors that enabled you to achieve success in the first place. Where you’ve insisted on control, you may need to step aside and provide the opportunity for employees to step in and take a leadership role in order to improve specific systems, grow as “leaders” themselves, and take an “ownership” mentality for their specific areas.


Encouraging both leadership and partnership among the team also likely means that everyone needs to be open to adopting new mindsets and skill sets. It requires changing and adapting in order to realize the vision that you have for your practice and it requires encouraging others to take risks and grow as professionals. And that begins with taking an honest look at each person’s strengths and weaknesses.


Encourage each member of your team to identify two or three of their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Ask them to work with each other in doing this and gather feedback from others on the team who will be honest and constructive.


Next ask each member of the team to identify the three or four critical activities that are essential for their success in their role on the team and what tools and/or training do they believe they need to achieve that success. Use the information you gather as a cornerstone in developing an ongoing employee engagement plan.

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