Offering Continual Feedback Can Strengthen Your Team

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No matter how long they’ve been part of the team, your employees need feedback from you, the practice CEO. Without it, they really have no idea what they’re doing right or where they can improve.

Offering continual feedback (both positive and constructive) can strengthen your team and improve practice efficiencies. Not convinced? Read on.

Feedback makes team members more confident. It’s difficult to excel in your role if you don’t really know how you’re performing. When you offer continual feedback, team members don’t have to guess at how they’re doing. They know their strengths and what areas they need to work on, and that makes them more confident when they come to work each day.

It improves efficiencies. If team members aren’t performing tasks in the most efficient way, they likely don’t realize it. When you give them guidance on how they can improve, they’ll become more efficient and more productive—and that makes their job easier while also benefiting the practice.

Feedback motivates your employees to excel. Team members love to hear positive comments from you. So if you overhear your Scheduling Coordinator getting a past due patient back on the schedule, or notice that your Dental Assistant has reduced the time it takes to turn over the operatories, tell them about it. They’ll love hearing the positive feedback, and will be motivated to keep up the good work—especially when you let them know how their contributions help move the practice forward.

It doesn’t take long to give employees the feedback they crave, and doing so will help turn them into a more effective, stronger team. Make a commitment to provide feedback every day, and you’ll reap the benefits of a more efficient, happier team.

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