Poised to Finish Strong?

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As we close in on the final quarter of 2014, you are approaching a crossroads. Ask yourself this, will the year end where you hoped, or will it be a disappointment? Take action now while there’s still time to address the shortcomings and finish strong.

First step, assess where your practice stands. If production, profits, and/or progress seem to have stopped or slowed, there are likely more than a few issues that are tethering you and your team to poor performance. Such as:

• Business staff turnover is common in the practice.
• There are no established training protocols when staff are hired.
• There are no production goals, collections goals, scheduling goals, or they are unclear at best.
• The practice does not use system performance measurements or it measures some systems but not all.
• The team does not know how to measure specific systems or how to evaluate their success or failure.
• Job descriptions, if they exist, are unclear. Multiple staff are “responsible” for multiple systems, so instead of accountability, there is finger pointing when things go wrong.
• Holes in the schedule and no shows are common.
• No one follows-up with patients who have unscheduled treatment.
• Unscheduled treatment is not tracked.
• The clinical team has never evaluated its clinical efficiency and does not know how to do so.
• Fees are seldom reviewed or compared to similar practices in the area.
• Services have not been expanded in some time.
• The practice has no established vision or goals.
• Practice profits are suffering and the doctor is stressed.

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