How Focusing on Recall Benefits Your Practice

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If your practice is struggling with lackluster production numbers, revamping your recall system is one of the best ways to get back on track and to start meeting daily goals. But that’s not the only benefit focusing on recall can provide. Here are four more:

1. Case acceptance numbers will go up. When you have more patients in the chair, you have more opportunity to recommend treatment for problems that otherwise would have gone undiagnosed. These patients will also feel more connected to your practice because you took the time to reach out and educate them about why it’s so important to schedule regular dental visits—and that makes them more likely to accept treatment.

2. You’ll see more new patients. When patients feel connected to your practice, they’re more inclined to refer you to family and friends, further increasing your patient base and practice production.

3. You’ll deal with fewer broken appointments. Broken appointments add stress to your day and cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year. When patients don’t value the services you offer, they don’t have a problem canceling their appointment at the last minute or just not showing up at all. If you take the time to educate them, they’ll understand why it’s so important to maintain their oral health and how the services you provide can help them reach their goals.

4. You’ll have happier employees. Your team members want to do their part to contribute to practice success. If you’re struggling to get patients in the chair, it’s more difficult for them to do that. Revamping recall will keep a steady flow of patients coming through your practice each day, making their jobs more rewarding. They’ll be happier, and that will show in how they perform as well as how they interact with your patients.

Developing a robust recall system offers many benefits for your practice. If you’ve been ignoring this critical system, now is the time to revitalize it. Need help to do that? Feel free to contact me for guidance.

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