Improve Employee Performance to Lower Overhead

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Your team members play a big role in practice success. If they’re not as efficient or productive as they could be, it leads to low team morale and high overhead costs. Improving employee performance will help grow your bottom line and reduce out of control overhead. Here’s how to make that happen in your practice:

Develop detailed job descriptions. Job descriptions provide a road map to success. They make it clear who’s responsible for which tasks and what’s expected of each employee. Offering this type of guidance makes team members more efficient, which can help boost productivity and reduce overhead.

Offer training. If employees aren’t trained properly, they won’t be confident in their roles, and that can hurt their performance. Providing proper training from the beginning and every time you invest in a new product or technology will help team members excel in their roles.

Establish individual performance goals that complement practice goals. Sit down with every employee to set individual performance goals, and make sure they understand how reaching those goals not only benefits them, but also the practice. This might include increasing the collections ratio, improving accounts receivables, expanding production, reducing the time it takes to prepare treatment rooms and improving clinical skills. Hold employees accountable and you’ll soon make progress toward reaching your practice goals and reducing overhead.

Offer feedback. Team members have no idea what they’re doing right or where they can improve if you don’t tell them. Make a commitment to offer both positive and constructive feedback to your team members more than just once a year. Give them continual feedback, and conduct performance reviews that are more like coaching encounters.

Motivate them to excel. Instead of giving out raises just because, only give them when they’ve been earned. This will motivate employees to do their best, which often means a boost in revenue and fewer overhead headaches.

If overhead costs are skyrocketing, it might be time to look at your team. Providing the training and tools they need to succeed will help you get overhead costs under control so you can finally start meeting your full potential.

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