Improve Production by Hiring a Treatment Coordinator

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Hiring a Treatment Coordinator will help improve case presentations in your practice and boost your case acceptance numbers. This team member can sit down with patients for as long as necessary to go over every aspect of treatment, from what to expect after the procedure to how much it will cost.

Many dentists opt to perform case presentations themselves, spending a few minutes chairside going over treatment. The problem is, this isn’t always the most effective way to get patients on the schedule—which hurts production and the practice’s bottom line.

But simply hiring a Treatment Coordinator isn’t enough. You have to set this important team member up for success. Here’s how:

Provide the proper training. If your new Treatment Coordinator doesn’t have access to all the necessary patient information or isn’t trained to follow up after the initial presentation, this new hire won’t do the practice much good. Take the time to train your Treatment Coordinator and you’ll start seeing results.

Develop scripts. Your Treatment Coordinator will need to follow up with every patient who doesn’t schedule treatment immediately after the presentation. For these calls to be successful, the coordinator needs to know what to say. I suggest you create a script to follow. This will help ensure confidence during the call, making you more likely to get patients scheduled.

Hire the right person. If the new hire doesn’t have the right temperament for the job, this person is going to struggle. Take the time to go through the proper hiring process to help ensure you bring the best person for the role on board. You need someone who is trained in sales and is comfortable talking with patients over the phone. This team member also must be able to handle rejection and have the ability to provide patient education.

If production is down, you likely need to improve case acceptance in your practice. Hiring a Treatment Coordinator and then providing this new team member with the proper training and tools is one of the best ways to do that.

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