4 More Ways to Improve Your Schedule

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Implementing online scheduling is a great way to improve your schedule. It adds efficiencies to the process and enables patients to make appointments at any time, day or night—making them more likely to actually schedule.

It’s important to keep your scheduling system streamlined and make sure your days are productive, not just busy. Here are four tips that will help improve your schedule and grow practice revenue.

1. Hire a Scheduling Coordinator. Having too many hands in the schedule will lead to chaos and conflict, which is why I suggest hiring a Scheduling Coordinator to manage the schedule for all producers in the practice.

2. Train your Scheduling Coordinator. Give this team member all the tools necessary to succeed. Provide the proper training and make sure he or she knows how to schedule you to meet daily production goals.

3. Communicate procedure times. As nice as it would be, your Scheduling Coordinator isn’t a mind reader. It’s important for you and your assistant to communicate how long procedures will take. Otherwise, you’ll end up with random 30 minutes appointments here and 60 minutes appointments there—and none of them will be accurate. This leads to a lot of down time or puts you way behind. Either way, it’s frustrating and costly.

4. Don’t schedule dream days. Many dentists like to leave room in the schedule for their favorite procedures. That’s fine, but before you do, you have to make sure the number of openings you leave meets the patient demand. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a lot of empty slots, and that makes it difficult to meet production goals.

A chaotic schedule can lead to stress for you and your team members, and might even cost you patients. Following these tips will help ensure your schedule is as streamlined as possible, leading to improved productivity and a more robust bottom line.

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