Tackle Insurance Realities Head-On

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Take the direct approach in managing the realities of inadequate dental insurance coverage that most patients have, starting with a conversation between your financial coordinator and the patient in which you look at the specifics of the patient’s plan together. I recommend this approach:


“According to the insurance information you have provided, your employer has purchased a plan that offers the following benefits and coverage.” Discuss those with the patient, for example. “The plan that you have has a small per calendar year balance of $1,000. That amount will help you secure some of the care you need but it will not cover everything. Your plan requires a deductible and a co-payment of on fillings and crowns. It also provides for two preventive cleanings each year to encourage you to secure preventive care.”


It’s essential for patients to understand what the dental insurance provided by their employer or spouse’s employer covers but, more importantly, that the insurance company will not dictate the level of care you offer patients.

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