Is She Treatment Coordinator Material?

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This job isn’t for everyone. Your treatment coordinator needs the right mix of personality traits, clinical expertise, and people skills. Assign the responsibility to a member of the staff or hire an employee who offers the following:


– Is quick to build rapport with patients.
– Has an understanding of dentistry and dental procedures.
– Believes in the doctor and his/her skills.
– Is well organized.
– Is able to comfortably discuss fees and financial arrangements with patients.


Provide professional training for the treatment coordinator, and assign the individual the following responsibilities:


– Educate patients about dentistry.
– Conduct case presentations.
– Complete new patient introductions.
– Follow-up on unscheduled treatment.
– Build insurance information files that can be accessed easily.
– Present fees for the recommended treatment plans and establish payment terms with patients.


The treatment coordinator serves as an extension of the doctor to reinforce the doctor’s recommendations and encourage the patient to move forward with confidence.

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