Job Descriptions Help Production Numbers

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Most dentists I work with don’t want to bother with creating detailed job descriptions. They think they’re a waste of time and that their employees will be able to learn their jobs as they go, especially if they come to the practice with experience.

The problem? If you don’t develop job descriptions, your team members will likely feel lost and lack the confidence they need to succeed—and that can hurt practice production numbers. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Team members won’t know what’s expected of them. As nice as it would be, your team members can’t read your mind. If you don’t tell them what’s expected of them, they won’t know—which means they won’t be nearly as effective as they could be. That, of course, hurts practice production. Job descriptions clearly outline what employees are responsible for, what your expectations are and how performance will be measured. When done properly, they serve as a road map to success. They are well worth the time and effort you spend developing them.

A lack of clarity could lead to conflict. When team members aren’t clear what their role is, there’s a good chance certain tasks won’t get done. You also might find two or more team members handling the same duties, but doing so in different ways. This leads to confusion, frustration and ultimately conflict. If team members are engaged in conflict, the distraction it causes will hurt practice productivity. Job descriptions make it clear who’s responsible for what, and that makes conflict less likely.

You might experience more turnover. Team members who feel lost or have to deal with conflict while they’re at work usually aren’t very happy. This could prompt them to start searching for a new job. That means you’ll have an open position while you go through the hiring process, again negatively impacting productivity.

You want your practice to meet and even exceed daily production goals. Providing team members with detailed job descriptions can help make that happen. Team members will be more confident in their roles, and will know your expectations. That will make them less likely to experience conflict and more likely to stay loyal. Both good things for practice productivity and your bottom line!

You can find my job description templates HERE.


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