If You’re Selling Smiles, Why Aren’t You Wearing One?

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Consider the unspoken messages you and your team convey to patients, starting with the obvious: your smiles. Every time a patient comes into your practice, they are examining your smile. What does yours say about your dentistry, your team, and your philosophy of care? Case in point: A young orthodontist I know is building his practice alongside two very well established doctors in a mid- size city. He is a nice young man, but I can’t help wondering what impact his own crooked smile has on his patients’ decision to proceed or delay treatment – particularly his adult patients. How often are patients second guessing their decision to pursue $6,000, $8,000, $10,000 in adult orthodontic treatment when they sit down and have a conversation with “Dr. Allen.” After all, even “Dr. Allen,” the orthodontist, doesn’t have perfect teeth – and if anyone can afford straight teeth, they reason, it’s an orthodontist.


You and your team advertise your dentistry. If you’re selling smiles, everyone on your team, including you, doctor, should wear the beautiful smiles that excellent dentistry can create.

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