How Staff Conflict Can Actually Benefit Your Practice

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If you’re dealing with staff conflict in your practice right now, it probably doesn’t seem like anything positive can come out of it. Your team members are cranky, production is suffering and patients are running for the door and to the practice down the street—it’s not exactly a recipe for success.

But if you deal with staff conflict as soon as it comes up, it can actually lead to positive changes in your practice. Think about it. Let’s say your Hygienist is upset with your Scheduling Coordinator because she’s not scheduling her to meet daily production goals, and you recently overheard her say as much to your Office Manager. This is not only frustrating for your Hygienist, it’s also hurting your bottom line.

Once you know this is a problem, you can sit down with your coordinator and talk about the importance of scheduling all producers to meet daily production goals. You can provide her with any training or guidance she needs to fix the situation, which makes your hygienist happy and benefits the practice. Instead of the Hygienist gossiping and complaining about her co-worker, distracting everyone in the office and creating a negative vibe, you fix the problem right away and increase your bottom line in the process.

There’s no way to avoid conflict in your practice. Your team members all have different backgrounds, different personalities and different ways of doing things. The good news is, conflict doesn’t have to damage your practice and keep you from meeting your goals. Embrace it as part of practice ownership and use it to make positive changes that actually boost team morale and grow your practice. When you address whatever is causing conflict right away, your practice can’t help but benefit.

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