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Your Poorly Managed Schedule is Costing You Patients

Your patients don’t want to spend their afternoon in your waiting room. In fact, most of them barely have time to fit in an hour dental appointment, let alone add another half hour as they wait for their name to be called. But if your schedule is a mess, chances are your patients are left …[Read More…]

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Boost Patient Retention with a Treatment Coordinator

While investing in recall is one of the best ways to boost patient retention and increase your bottom line, there are other steps you can take to grow your practice. One of them is hiring a Treatment Coordinator. All too often, dentists perform their own case presentations chairside. They spend 5 to 10 minutes talking …[Read More…]

Training New Hires is Vital to Your Practice’s Success

You’ve finally created detailed job descriptions that outline your expectations and specific job duties. You’ve handed them out to new hires and long-term employees, but you haven’t seen the results you anticipated. That’s probably because you’re not providing employees with proper training. Job descriptions give them direction, but you can’t stop there. You have to …[Read More…]

How to Hire the Best Office Manager for Your Practice

It seems like the perfect solution. You need to hire an office manager, so you look to your business team first. You promote the most loyal, hardworking employee and expect great things to happen. But more often than not, this situation turns into a nightmare. The once stellar employee is overwhelmed by all the new …[Read More…]

Put the Focus Back On Your Patients

Every year, the cost of running a dental practice goes up. That’s why, if you want your practice to experience true success and profitability, you must put a solid fee schedule in place and plan to slightly raise your rates twice a year. Many dentists are hesitant to raise rates because they fear it will …[Read More…]

Afraid to Raise Your Fees? Focus on Customer Service

When choosing a dental home, patients have a lot to consider, including how much the practice charges for their services. And while price is important to most patients, even the most cost-conscious patients will be more likely to visit a dental practice that has higher fees if that practice offers exceptional customer service. Focusing on …[Read More…]

Record Conversations to Improve Telephone Techniques

Perfecting telephone techniques takes a lot of preparation and practice, but it’s key to growing your patient base and your bottom line. If you want to improve your phone skills you need to hear how you present yourself on the phone, and recording patient phone calls is a great way to do that. This exercise …[Read More…]

Focus on Customer Service to Improve Patient Retention

When patients walk into your practice, they want to feel welcome. They want to feel comfortable right away, and to know they’ve chosen the right practice for their dental care. While marketing and patient education plays a large role in creating that feeling, so does providing top-notch customer service. Remember that patients are likely a …[Read More…]

Broken Appointments Hurting your Practice? Establish a Policy.

When your patients don’t see the value in maintaining their oral health, they also don’t see the value in keeping their appointment times, leading to costly cancellations and no-shows that wreak havoc on your day and cut into your bottom line. Establishing a clear cancellation policy is one way to curb broken appointments in your …[Read More…]

3 Things You Should Do when a Patient Doesn’t Show Up

No matter how much you streamline your schedule, you’ll never completely eliminate cancellations and no-shows. Sometimes patients just forget, or have an emergency that keeps them from making their appointment. Whatever the reason, there are immediate steps your practice should take to encourage these patients to show up for their next appointment, and to make …[Read More…]