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How Focusing on Recall Benefits Your Practice

If your practice is struggling with lackluster production numbers, revamping your recall system is one of the best ways to get back on track and to start meeting daily goals. But that’s not the only benefit focusing on recall can provide. Here are four more: 1. Case acceptance numbers will go up. When you have …[Read More…]

Improve Production by Hiring a Treatment Coordinator

Hiring a Treatment Coordinator will help improve case presentations in your practice and boost your case acceptance numbers. This team member can sit down with patients for as long as necessary to go over every aspect of treatment, from what to expect after the procedure to how much it will cost. Many dentists opt to …[Read More…]

Want to Improve Patient Retention? Make Recall a Priority

If you want to grow your practice and improve patient retention, which I’m sure you do, you have to make recall a priority. This system has the potential to be one of the biggest money makers in a dental practice, yet it’s the most ignored. Once you start focusing on recall, you’ll see a big …[Read More…]

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What to Ask During a New Patient Interview

The new patient interview is an important part of the first appointment. Asking the right questions will help you get to know every patient and their oral health goals, enabling you to target your education and treatment plans to cover the services that interest patients most—which will help you improve case acceptance in your practice. …[Read More…]

Don’t Assume You Know What Treatment Your Patients Want

With every case, there’s usually more than one treatment option for patients to consider. Unfortunately, dentists don’t always present all the options—which keeps case acceptance rates low and hurts their bottom line. All too often, dentists assume they know what their patients want. They decide one treatment option is too expensive or isn’t something that …[Read More…]

3 Ways to Update Your Practice and Increase Case Acceptance

While investing in the right technology certainly can give your practice a boost, it isn’t the only way you can impress your patients. Making a few updates can do wonders for your practice, making it more attractive and more comfortable for patients—and that makes them more likely to accept any treatment you recommend. Here are …[Read More…]

Tips for Effective Treatment Presentation

Be candid. Most patients are aware of some general risks in treatment so they are waiting for you to be frank about what, if anything, they might be faced with as a result of the treatment. If they are given advantages and disadvantages, research shows that patients are more willing to trust you to deliver …[Read More…]

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Do You Have ‘Regular’ Patients or Patient ‘Relationships’

“Regular” patients may be satisfied with your ability to see them on time. They may be content with the cleanliness of the office. They may be fine with the care they receive during their routine appointments. They usually show up. Hence, they are your “regulars.” You can count on them, or so you think. Just …[Read More…]

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