Use Professional Marketing Materials to Boost Recall

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Hiring a Patient Coordinator to reach out to past due patients via phone is a great way to give recall a boost. Another method you can use to get more patients on the schedule is sending out professional Educational Recall Reminders.

Many dentists I work with mail generic recall reminders to their patients and hope it’s enough to get them to call in to make an appointment. Sorry, but it’s not. Educational Recall Reminders, on the other hand, provide patients with valuable information about the importance of maintaining their oral health. These professionally printed reminders also can be used to educate patients about any conditions they have and how your practice can help.

Yes, these reminders cost more to create than the generic postcard with the hot air balloon you’ve been sending for years. But they’re much more effective! Remember, the No. 1 reason patients don’t go to the dentist is because they don’t think they need to. Education is key to getting past due patients back in the chair. Sending these types of reminders is one way to provide that education and reinforce the messaging patients receive from you and your team members while they’re in the practice.

Another benefit? Educational reminders also help create those all-important connections with your patients. They appreciate you taking the time to send them educational materials that can help improve their oral health. When patients feel connected to your practice, they’re more likely to schedule and keep their next recall appointment – and they’re also more likely to accept the treatment you recommend.

Sending snail mail can still be an effective way to get patients back in your practice – you just have to send the right materials. Invest in Educational Recall Reminders and more past due patients will call in to schedule their next appointment.

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