Warning Signs Your Schedule Is Just Keeping You Busy, Not Productive

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The schedule is one of the most critical systems in your practice, yet it’s also one of the most abused. A well-managed schedule will keep you on track to meeting daily production goals, without burning you out or adding extra stress to your day. But so many dentists I’ve worked with find themselves having to navigate a hodge-podge of names and dates strung together with little or no direction—other than to keep them busy.

The first step toward changing that is hiring a Scheduling Coordinator who is trained to schedule you (and all producers) to meet daily production goals. When your coordinator simply schedules you to stay busy, it hurts your bottom line and keeps your practice from meeting its full potential.

If any of these scenarios are playing out in your practice, it might be time to have a talk with your Scheduling Coordinator (or to hire one to start managing your schedule):

-You’re booked more than three weeks out, and it’s pretty common for patients to have to wait weeks to get an appointment, even for routine procedures.

-There’s no consistency for procedure times. Procedures that are booked for 30 minutes one day are scheduled for 60 or even 90 minutes the next.

-Your Scheduling Coordinator only has one goal in mind when planning out your day: to keep you busy.

-The hygiene schedule is booked for months, making it difficult to find spots for new patient exams.

-You can’t remember the last time you actually sat down for lunch. Most days, you’re lucky to find 10 minutes to grab a sandwich in between patients.

-Patient retention numbers are down

-Revenues are flat and have been for awhile

A well-managed schedule is critical to your success. It will streamline your day, reduce your stress levels and help ensure you meet production goals. If you’ve realized your Scheduling Coordinator is scheduling to keep you busy and not productive, a little training can help remedy the situation—putting you in a much better position to meet production numbers and grow your bottom line.

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